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“ I am so grateful to have met Susan and be a recipient of Jin Shin Jyutsu under her skilled and knowledgeable hands. The healing of my left knee was at a stand still and her subtle yet powerful treatment jump started the healing process and I am out of pain. She gave practical suggestions and self-care for in between treatments that empowered me to stay confident that my body could heal and it did.” 

Janet, Sebastopol, CA

"Susan brings deep presence, compassion and mastery to her Process Coaching; I felt so safe opening to depths of my soul and received profound healing.  Highly recommended to anyone." 

--Daniel Frey, Yoga Teacher and Nature Therapy Specialist.

"Working with Susan has been so helpful! She is very present with me during our sessions, allowing for time to check in verbally while paying attention to what is happening in my body as I talk about what's on my mind and in my heart. At some point we move into more body based exercises, which might involve movement or visualizations. I especially appreciate the grounding exercises!Susan is very kind, gentle and wise. She takes my feelings to heart, with a touch of humor when needed. Being able to express my thoughts out loud, moving into body awareness and grounding exercises, has been an invaluable combination! I am so grateful that I found Susan. Her style and support have been so very helpful to me at this time in my life!"

--Melanie, Sonoma County, CA

"Susan's presence and touch are profound. The project she worked with me on was balancing my endocrine system. I was having a lot of menopausal symptoms that were greatly relieved by having sessions with her. I also appreciated that she offered me practices for self healing that I could do on my own between sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan for Jin Shin Jyutsu". 

--Kathleen MacGregor, Ukiah, CA

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